1. an unexplained or inexplicable event, phenomenon, etc
2. a person or thing that arouses curiosity or suspense because of an unknown, obscure, or      enigmatic quality
3. the state or quality of being obscure, inexplicable, or enigmatic
 On October 16, we talked about how hard it is in being careful with the way we use our words. We looked at Chapter 3 in James where it talks about the power of the tongue, and how the greatest thing we can do is learn to watch what we say.
We talked about drawing boundaries for those that hurt us with their words. In the end, everything comes down to us. We can draw boundaries for others, but we cannot make them change or stop saying hurtful things. Sometimes we have to walk away or end friendships. This is hard and heartbreaking. As always, we are however talking about what it means to Love God, Love Another, AND Love Yourself.
What do we do when there’s nothing else to do, or nothing else to say? Again, we turn to prayer. Prayer is made up of more than talking, we must also listen.  While we often think we are listening, if we pay attention to our prayers, we often discover that we are merely spouting litanies of things that God needs to do. Sometimes we are asking for help for all the things we have to do. What if, when we listened, we could hear God telling us to leave things alone?
There are many theologians who believed that the “original sin” was not that Adam and Eve ate of the apple, but that they reached to be like God. What does it mean to reach and try and be like God? Many (if not most) of us would deny that we reach to be like God.
Here are some questions to ask yourself as you pray:
  • Do I haggle with God over and over about what “I” think should be done?
  • Is it hard to leave things alone and let God work in another’s life?
  • What does it mean to trust that God is truly in control of life…of my life AND of others’ lives?


As we talk about the changes happening in our lives, now is a good time to begin to talk about how MEDITATION differs from prayer. Each discipline is important with neither being more important than the other.

Prayer – As a youth, I was the “ACTS” method of prayer, which stands for :

  1. Adoration    –  Praising, worshipping God, for Who He is
  2. Confession    –  Asking God to cleanse us from sin
  3. Thanksgiving    –  Believing, acknowledging God’s grace
  4. Supplication    –  Our specific prayer requests

You can see that these “methods” all require some type of action like speaking.

Meditation is different in that meditation is silent. The goal is stillness in one’s heart, mind, and soul. Meditation is sitting in the presence of God. As a child, I loved to go out on the front of Grandpa Whitley’s porch to sit with him. He was a stoic farmer and all we did was sit and watch the grain grow. It is the most important gift my grandpa gave me. 

For now, let’s think about meditation as a way of sitting on the front porch with God, watching the wheat grow. In those moments, we are freed from worry and hurt. In those moments healing of our hearts and mind can occur. In those moments, we learn who we were meant to be. By being still and listening, we learn to live INTO the mystery that is life and belong to the mystery that is God.


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6 thoughts on “Mystery

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  2. I think Meditation is a great time for a prayer.

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    1. Yes it is Cacey. I’ve had computer problems and just now getting to your message. Thank you for sharing it. Peace to you, Robin

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      1. Your welcome Robin. I look forward to more of your work

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  3. Thanks Cacey. It’s great to have your input. We are seeking to live a more worthy life as we follow Jesus and his teachings. Please feel free to contribute.


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