Preaching and Music in Boone

On March 11th, I was honored to preach at High Country United Church of Christ (UCC) in Boone. Many wanted to hear my preaching. To be honest, I got off topic and it’s not my best sermon. However, the overall service at the church that day was amazing. The musicians at High Country UCC are multi-talented and full of heart. This is an open and reconciling congregation. They have a comma as part of their website. After meeting these people, I think they should use an exclamation point. They know how to exclaim good news that’s for sure.

Open, Affirming, Loving Congregation

If you are looking for a congregation near ASU, you might want to check this place out. It’s clear that they work together to be God in the World together. You can listen here at Robin’s Radio Podcast.

There’s a lot to the UCC comma. For the UCC, the comma is a way to proclaim, “God is still speaking.” The comma invites us to discover the wisdom of our Creator in people, nature, science, music, art, literature (including the Bible), and in so many other ways. It reminds us of our freedom and responsibility to engage religious doctrine with our own experiences, questions, and ideas.

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