An Unseen Rope and Unheard Voices

Please take time to read this beautiful writing about God and the refugee.

prayers of my heart, a collection of articles and writings by C. Alicia Randolph

IMG_3010 2.jpg Beautiful, Alzey, Germany

At the moment, I am sitting in history—my history, or at least part of it.  I am in Alzey, Germany, which is located in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. For many Americans who have German ancestors that arrived before the Revolution, it is likely that they came from this region or the surrounding states.  And as I research my own family history I have found that many of my ancestral families were from all over this region.

IMG_0374.jpg Growing grapes for wine extends back to the Roman days in this region.  My ancestors were farmers and vintners.  This photo is taken in early April 2018.

However, there are only two of my ancestral families that brought me here and, in addition, one other family that led me to Strasbourg, France.  By no choice of their own, of course these three families were caught up in the politics and…

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