Lord’s Prayer – Paraphrase

“God Creator, you are holy. Your creation is here, right here. Your kingdom,  your intention for us, is within each of us.  As above, so below, as within me, so outside me, as I live within me, I live in the world. Show me what I need today, just for today, here, now. Show me the strength and courage to own my mistakes. And hold that same strength and courage within me to forgive and release anyone who hurts me.  Make me aware of the things that tempt me to separate my self from you. And when I do find myself drawn away from Your Love, swell within me the desire and wisdom to come back home. Everything is yours, has always been and will be forever.”  ~Nancy Culp


The above prayer is my friend’s paraphrase of the Lord’s Prayer in her own words. She gave me permission to share. Encouraged me to write my own, but her version spoke so deeply, speaks so strongly to my heart, I want to share it with you. How would you paraphrase the prayer Jesus taught? How would you say it differently?

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