prayers of my heart, a collection of articles and writings by C. Alicia Randolph

IMG_8890.jpeg Lake Erie, December 30, 2018.                                Photo by: CAR

I have cried this Day

I have cried out to the wind and the water

And the presence of God’s spirit

That I know is here

In this lonely and dreary Winter place


Is my cry


Is my longing

A one word Breath prayer

That pours from my soul

Like the water of Lake Erie

Pours across the stones on the shore

Creating shadows

And shades

And patterns

Too beautiful to dismiss

Without paying attention

To the selfless flow of water

Clearing away

putting things right

Smoothing away the rough edges

IMG_8732.jpeg Stones along Lake Erie, washed by water       Photo by:  CAR, December 28th, 2018               Feast of the Holy Innocents


It is the one gift…

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I am a musician, artist, and writer living in The High Country Western North Carolina with my dog, Birdie. I've played guitar and worked in churches for over 30 years and have sang and worked in a church longer than that. Hope to share life and music in lots of different ways with you! I am also the webdog for this site and the God in the World site. Check out my full website at
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