For the New Year by Jane Blackburn

A new year is upon us.
What shall I put on my list of resolutions?

How about a resolution
Not to resolve anything new?

The quest for perfection
Is useless, and deceiving, and disheartening.

The world shouts at us
Look better! Feel better! Do better!
Read this book, and this article.
Follow this program, subscribe to this system.
(And, oh by the way, click here
To send in your payment.)

As if we all have time to devote to
And as if becoming that better person
(God help us, our “authentic” self!)
Is the most important thing in the world.

I think I’ll take a year off from that nonsense.
Instead, I’ll try to pay more attention to God,
And to those around me, neither of whom
Really care if I have realized my true self yet,
Or achieved all my goals.

“He has shown thee, o man, what is good:
Do justly, love mercy,
And walk humbly with thy God.”

If I manage this,
The new year will be all it needs to be.

JWB, 12/30/18

Used with Permission via Pixabay


This poem is used with the permission of Jane Blackburn. Many thanks for her ability to share her gift with us.


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I am a musician, artist, and writer living in The High Country Western North Carolina with my dog, Birdie. I've played guitar and worked in churches for over 30 years and have sang and worked in a church longer than that. Hope to share life and music in lots of different ways with you! I am also the webdog for this site and the God in the World site. Check out my full website at
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