I Asked for a Prayer

prayers of my heart, a collection of articles and writings by C. Alicia Randolph

Deep Calls to Deep. Cathedral Falls, WV Photo by: CAR, August 2020

I asked for a prayer

For the new year

One with just a few words

That will match my breathing

And will sing effortlessly

In my heart

And yours

I wanted a prayer

That I could feel so deeply

As if you had pushed me deep

Into a pool of water

That I paint over and over again

In the imagination of my heart




So pure, so fresh, so life-giving

That I could feel it

As a flood of your Love




Swirling in dance around me

Taking my breath away

And then filling my lungs with a freshness

That could explode through my lungs

When you pushed me to the surface

And in a sparkled moment I might understand

That years from now

When I close my eyes

I will remember the…

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